Halo makes it possible for anyone to donate directly to research and help advance the most promising discoveries of today into the treatments of tomorrow. We are a team of scientists, engineers, designers and marketers who came to together to solve one of civilization’s most enduring challenges.

Halo also owes its creation to a collection of professionals in medicine, academic research, nonprofit management and biotech who gave selflessly of their time and expertise, including:

Alan ThomasAcademic Venture Exchange
Andrew Mazar, PhDNorthwestern University
Center for Developmental Therapeutics
Christine Peterson, PhDUniversity of Iowa
Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Claire MeunierDisease Research Foundation Consultant
Dean Felsher, MD/PhDStanford Medicine
Translational Research & Applied Medicine Center
Kevin Grimes, MDStanford Medicine
SPARK Translational Research Program
Doug Crawford, PhDCalifornia Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research
Greg BeattieCharles River Laboratories
Janet Woodcock, MDFDA
Center for Drug Evaluation & Research
Jon BarrJuno Therapeutics
Ken Geles, PhDPfizer
Kevin Esch, PhDZoetis
Lou BernemanOsage Partners
Mark Merchant, PhDGenentech
Michael StraightiffUniversity of Virginia
Myla Lai-Goldman, MDGeneCentric Diagnostics
Ron Newbold, PhDPfizer
Steven Deitcher, MDCureTech
Terri FraterrigoNorthwestern University
Center for Molecular Innovation & Drug Discovery
Vijay Shah, MDMayo Clinic

Note: These professionals were in no way compensated and this should not be viewed as an endorsement of any kind.