Kevin Leland

Kevin is CEO and Founder of Halo, a partnering platform where scientists from academia, startups and industry join forces to bring new innovations to market.

Baxter funds three research projects in water treatment

Baxter is a Fortune 500 medical device and healthcare company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home dialysis machines. Today, Baxter must ship 900 pounds of dialysis solution to every patient each month. Last year Baxter posted...

Fields of science collide in AgTech with Syngenta

A 20+ year veteran of global ag giant Syngenta, Stuart Harrison, Phd heads up the company's R&D partnerships and open innovation strategy. Ahead of the World Agri-tech Innovation Summit, where three finalists from Syngenta’s latest startup challenge...

A look back at the 2019 Halo Awards

Two months ago on October 12, we celebrating some of the most inspiring scientists in Chicago working to advance their research and help patients. As 2020 draws to a close, take a look back at the names and faces of these heroes and their supporters...

Drug repurposing

How to make an old drug new again

For the past 17 years, Bruce Bloom, MD, CEO of Cures within Reach, has been proselytizing the virtues of drug repurposing while helping to advance treatments for more than a dozen diseases. Here's why drug repurposing can be a cheaper, faster and...

A helmet that detects concussions in real-time

Harold Steltzer took the unusual step of canvassing university patent coffers for innovation he could spin out into a company. The fruit of his efforts is NoMo Diagnostics, a smart helmet that detects a concussion on-the-field in real-time.

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