Frequently Asked Questions

What is Halo?

Halo is an online platform that connects scientists directly with opportunities to collaborate with industry.

How does Halo make money?

Halo is free for academic scientists and universities. Therre are different pricing plans available for industry partners seeking proposals around their research interests.

How does Halo work?

Scientists can browse and filter opportunities by research area and innnovation type. Once they find a relevant opportunity, they submit a short online proposal that descrribes their research hypothesis, rationale and proposed experiment.

What happens after a proposal is submitted?

The industry partner reviews the proposal and 1) Follows up with the scientist requesting more information 2) Sets up a phone call or 3) Provides feedback why the proposal is not a good fit.

How does Halo work for university administrators?

University adminstrators - tech transfer professionals, corporate relations officers, grant officers, department heads - can also browse opportunities and share those that are relevant with fChaculty members.