March of Dimes

Founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938, the March of Dimes challenged every American to donate 10 cents in support of Polio research. Marches were organized, volunteers went door-to-door and citizens of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds mailed millions of dimes to the White House. Dr. Jonas Salk, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, was awarded a March of Dimes grant and went on to discover the Polio vaccine, and virtually eradicated the disease from the earth.

Halo is a modern-day march for dimes and harnesses the same collective generosity that led to the polio vaccine more than 75 years ago. Each month, we identify a promising discovery that is in need of additional funding to transcend the valley of death and continue along the path to becoming an effective patient treatment.

Disease affects all people of the world regardless of wealth, religion or geography so the burden to find a cure is born by us all. We request a donation of just $10 so everyone can play their part.