A look back at the 2019 Halo Awards

Two months ago on October 12, we celebrated some of the most inspiring scientists in Chicago working to advance their research and help patients. As 2020 draws to a close, take a look back at the names and faces of these heroes and the fans who showed up to say “Thank You.”

2019 Heroes of Medicine

Jeffrey Hubbell, PhD

A pioneer in the field of molecular engineering, Dr. Jeffrey Hubbell develops nanomaterials to combat a host of diseases – from influenza and diabetes to tuberculosis and cancer – and has co-founded five companies based on his research.  

Dr. Hubbell has made seminal contributions to multiple biomedical fields as both a scientist and mentor. As an entrepreneur, he has been highly successful at translating his technology into real world products that have impacted patients across the world. – Evan Scott, PhD

Levi Hargrove, PhD

Dr. Levi Hargrove is Director of the Center for Bionic Medicine at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. Combining concepts in machine learning, neural engineering and body-machine interfaces, Dr. Hargrove developed an open source platform for building “smart” prosthetics that can learn and adapt to a patient’s unique gait. 

Dr. Hargrove’s work has revolutionized the ease with which amputees can walk and use their prosthetic arms. – Rick Lieber, PhD

Jochen Reiser, MD, PhD

A world-renowned expert in renal disease, Dr. Jochen Reiser and his lab identified a causal link between high levels of blood protein suPAR and development of chronic kidney disease. He is now working with a biopharmaceutical company to develop novel drug therapies that could potentially neutralize suPAR.

Dr. Reiser’s contributions to translational medicine are unquestionable and quite remarkable, but more than that, he lifts up other scientists around him, pushes everyone in the lab to ask the right questions, and always remember the patients. – Terese Geraghty, PhD

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