Ariel Precision Medicine

Genomics/Digital Health

Ariel aims to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment process for patients by using precision medicine to better inform physicians. The platform currently is available for the diagnosis and management of pancreatic disease.


Precision medicine-Arial uses next generation sequencing of over 700 disease markers in conjunction with patient reported symptoms and environmental risk factors to inform the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases. Within 4-6 weeks, physicians receive a comprehensive patient report consisting of genetic testing results, and guidance for treatment. The report guides informed intervention before the disease progresses to a terminal stage. The platform offers a lower incidence of misdiagnosis and misguided treatment over a traditional symptom based diagnosis approach. Machine learning enables reports to constantly be updated as more information is compiled in the Ariel database. Current products focus on pancreatic disease, with plans to expand further.

About the Ariel platform

Development Stage


Currently in use for pancreatic disease, seeking further expansion

Innovation Opportunity

  • Machine learning
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Precision medicine


The Ariel platform currently focuses on pancreatic disease. Ariel may be interested in partnerships with physicians to further optimize its platform for this disease and to expand it to further disease areas.

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