Fungal Infection

AVNovum is developing the next generation of antifungal therapeutics that can selectively discriminate between pathogenic and beneficial fungi.


AVpeptides-Human analogue peptides that selectively target pathogenic fungi, but not those that promote health. The analogues are modeled after peptide YY, a small intestine hormone that regulates appetite and food intake. The hormone is chemically similar to previously observed antimicrobial peptides. Hormone YY can selectively target virulent intestinal yeast strains without impacting beneficial strains. This therapeutic is intended to improve outcomes for patients that have an increased susceptibility to fungal infection because of autoimmune disorders such as UC/Crohn’s or as a side effect of immunosuppressive medications such as chemotherapeutics.


A Game-Changer for Those With Weakened Immune Systems
By Jackie Bender, Crain’s Chicago Business, February 14, 2019

Development Stage


Innovation Opportunity

  • Microbiome
  • Antimicrobials


The company is currently in the discovery and funding stages of development and may be interested in industry or academic collaborations for further preclinical development.

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