Heart Failure (Monitoring)

Endotronix is a cardiac monitoring platform that allows physicians to proactively adjust treatment regimens for heart failure patients before the worsening of symptoms.


Hemodynamic Monitoring (Cordella System)-Patients with heart failure are often hospitalized when symptoms related to clinical congestion occur. Congestion can be caused by changes in peripheral artery pressure. Since artery pressure can change up to weeks prior to the onset of symptoms, monitoring this can allow for physicians to attenuate patient treatment before the actual onset of congestion and resulting hospitalization. In the Cordella system, patients have a pressure sensor implanted in their peripheral artery. Patients use a touch screen terminal along with a handheld device to take readings from the sensor. The patient terminal also collects and stores blood pressure, pulse oxygen, and reported symptoms. Physicians can then access this data to monitor patients and attenuate treatment plans accordingly.


There are currently about 40 patents assigned to Endotronix, inc. related to design of implantable artery pressure sensor, and methods of reading out such sensors. View all 40 Endotronix, inc. patents.

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Physiological Monitoring System

Atrial Pressure Sensing Device

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(Clinical Testing)

Clinical testing for patients with class III heart failure


The Cordella product is currently undergoing testing and validation and Endotronix may be interested in industry or academic collaborations to expand the capabilities of its platform into further diseases.

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