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Seurat Therapeutics is developing a cytokine-based treatment for migraines that specifically targets the spreading depression responsible for the the migraine aura.  


IGF-1 cytokine administration-The migraine aura is a common symptom that precedes the onset of a migraine attack and is marked by a sensory disturbance, which is usually visual. This aura is caused by spreading depression, which is a rapidly spreading depolarization of the cells of the grey matter. Environmental enrichment, such as physical or mental activity, has been shown to reduce the incidence of migraines. These activities stimulate the release of the cytokine IGF-1, which in turn reduces brain inflammation and the local concentration of inflammatory cytokines. Seurat Therapeutics is developing an IGF-1 cytokine therapy, administered intranasally, that can mimic the anti-migraine effects of environmental enrichment.


Intranasally Administered IGF-1 Inhibits Spreading Depression In Vivo
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Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Abrogates Microglial Oxidative Stress and TNF-a Responses to Spreading Depression
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Seurat’s IGF-1 cytokine therapy is still in preclinical development. Seurat may be interested in academic or industry partnerships to accelerate the development of this therapeutic to the clinic.

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