Precision Medicine

Tempus is an oncology precision medicine platform that uses patient tumor sequencing in conjunction with automated chart review to aggregate patient clinical and molecular data. This data is then analyzed to provide physicians with patient specific treatment insights.


Precision Medicine-Tempus is an oncology precision medicine platform that combines clinical, molecular, and outcomes data to provide insights to physicians in making treatment decisions for individual patients. Tempus gathers patient genomic data through DNA and RNA normal/tumor match sequencing assays. Clinical and outcomes data is gathered by using an automated proprietary chart review system. The aggregate sequencing and clinical data is analyzed, processed and organized using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The processed data is then used to provide physicians with patient specific treatment insights based on prior outcomes in similar cases.

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Systematic Identification of Regulatory Variants Associated With Cancer Risk
Liu, S; Liu, Y; Zhang, Q; Wu, J; Liang, J; Weig, GH; White, KP; Wang, X. Genome Biology. 2017 Oct 23; 18(1):194.

Pan-cancer Analysis of Homozygous Deletions in Primary Tumors Uncovers Rare Tumor Suppressors
Cheng, J; et al. Nature Communications. 2017 Oct 31; 8(1): 1221.

Clinical Validation of the Tempus xO Assay
Beaubier, N; et al. Oncotarget. 2018 May 25; 9(40):25836-25832.

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  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Tempus partners with National Cancer Institute designated cancer centers and smaller community hospitals for data collection and access to its precision medicine platform.   

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