Patrin Pharma

Generic Rx and OTC

Patrin Pharma develops generic and bioequivalent drugs as well as novel oral liquid and topical pharmaceuticals.


Patrin Pharma works with partners to develop generic and bioequivalent drugs. After approval, partners manufacture the drugs and Patrin sells, markets and distributes the drugs. In addition, Patrin also develops novel liquid oral and topical therapies for niche markets. The company is currently working on expanding its novel drug research and development efforts. The main disease areas of focus for this research and development expansion are: vitamin/mineral deficiency, allergy, GI and CNS.

Patents (Novel Therapies)

Leukotriene Antagonists via Nasal Drug Delivery

Development Stage

In Market/FDA Certification/Development

Innovation Opportunity

  • Generic Drugs
  • Bioequivalent Drugs
  • Novel oral liquid and topical drugs:
    • Vitamin/mineral deficiency
    • Allergy
    • GI
    • CNS


Patrin is interested in developing industrial partnerships with development labs and manufacturers. Patrin may also be interested in industry or academic collaborations to expand its novel drug research and development efforts.

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