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Tract Therapeutics is developing an adaptive regulatory T cell transfer platform as an alternative to transplant immunosuppressants and to treat autoimmune disorders.


Treg Adoptive T Cell Transfer-The immunosuppressants that transplant recipients take to prevent graft rejection can cause life threatening side effects. Regulatory T cells have previously been shown to suppress self-immune responses. The Tract platform uses a patient’s own regulatory T cells to suppress the graft rejection immune response after transplantation. White blood cells are harvested from the patient prior to transplantation and the regulatory T cells are isolated using MACS purification and expanded by co-culture with cytokines. The expanded regulatory T cells are then infused into the patient post-transplant. The platform is expandable to various types of autoimmune disorders including Crohn’s and Hepatitis.


A Phase I Clinical Trial with Ex Vivo Expanded Recipient Regulatory T Cells In Living Donor Kidney Transplants
Mathew, JM; et al. Scientific Reports. 2018 May 9; 8(1): 7428

Cell Therapy in Kidney Transplantation; Focus on Regulatory T Cells.
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Immune Cell Selection, Expansion and Use

Development Stage


Phase II: Kidney Transplant

Phase I: Hepatitis, Crohn’s

Preclinical: Liver Transplant

Innovation Opportunity

  • Immunotherapy


Tract may be interested in academic or industry collaborations to expand the disease indications of its platform.

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